Introducing SiteTrac: Monitor your websites right from your pocket

SiteTrac for iPhone

Finally, a website monitoring app that’s elegant, easy-to-use, practical, and affordable. Unlike other website monitoring services, SiteTrac is a standalone iPhone app with an elegant design. The UI looks clean and the app has one simple goal: to keep an eye on your websites and alert you when anything happens. With a super focused design, SiteTrac can be a real joy to use. No user accounts needed, no complex dashboards or web control panels to fiddle with. And the pricing is right — with the purchase of SiteTrac, you get to monitor unlimited number of websites. And yes, that means you get to easily monitor all your and your clients’ website.

Extremely easy to use, and designed for iOS 7 with Background App Refresh, SiteTrac is all you need to keep an eye on your websites. SiteTrac is coming soon to your iPhone. If you’re interested, sign up to be notified when it’s ready!

SiteTrac for iPhone will be on sale to the public on August 14th, for just $4.99. It will require an iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 7+.

For media friends, please check out our press kit.

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