all your websites

Easily ping and monitor all your sites and see their status right on your iPhone.



with a beautiful UI

SiteTrac is simple and elegant. With a carefully crafted user interface, it's a beautiful way to monitor your websites.


Be Alerted

when things happen

Downtimes are sadly inevitable. When they occur, SiteTrac will alert you so no time is wasted.

Two Monitor Modes

See which one is for you.

The default monitor mode lets SiteTrac actively ping your websites once in a while and collect response data. In addition, SiteTrac will continue to monitor your websites even when it's running in background. This mode allows you to keep track of unlimited number of websites and ping them at any time on-demand. The potential drawback is that this mode uses your iPhone's internet connection to send pings. Therefore, the measured response time may vary depending on the connection quality. The default monitor mode is sufficient for most users with personal websites or blogs.

Then there's the Cloud Tracking mode (premium feature), which uses our server to ping your websites. Housed in professionally managed data centers, our servers use ultra-high bandwidth internet connections to get you the most reliable and consistent response times, and send you real-time push notifications when things happen. Compared to the default monitor mode, the Cloud Tracking mode is much more time-sensitive and consistent (i.e. no false-positives due to weak cellphone reception, and no delay in notifications as they are sent from our server, instead of waiting for iOS's process management).

SiteTrac for iPhone